Vogue Gioiello

"The jewels Maria Diana makes have crater-like surfaces. This italian designer is an expert in working porcelain, stoneware and ceramic. She uses "poor" materials that are made more precious by adding gold and platinum to create unique necklace and bracelet...continue


Beautiful People Live Art

Reef Rings Platinum on virtual exhibition of contemporary jewellery of Beautiful People Live Art, Thereza Pedrosa's blog. You can see the exhibition here.

VJ online

The magazine online of Palakiss Vicenza about Idea Innovativa Prize III edition. The winner is Maria Diana for craft section. Here you can find the post.

Aurum Eve

Aurum Eve, New York Blog about Maria Diana works. Here you can find the post.

Roma Provincia Creativa

The website of Provincia di Roma present Maria Diana's work, winner of contest "Roma Provincia Creativa"

Come una gazza ladra

Contemporay Jewellery Blog of Margherita Antinori about Maria Diana works. Here you can find the post.

Come una gazza ladra

Ceramica Nuova

Maria Diana is on Ceramica Nuova magazine


Maria Elena Capelli Blog about Sabo Roma Prize, Design and Innovation for Maria Diana's work. Here you can find the post.

Vicenza Jewellery Magazine

Platinum Reef Rings on VJ Magazine. Online magazine pag.81


Popaganda online greek magazine about "After Joya Exhibition" 17th June 2014

Frizzi Frizzi

Frizzi Frizzi blog about Germogli Collection. You can find the post here.

International Jewellery Magazine China

A specialized chinese magazine about Joya Barcelona 2013

Mar de color rosa

Contemporary jewellery Blog of Montserrat Lacomba about Maria Diana. Here you can find the post.


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