Maria Diana will be present with her latest collection at Fuorisalone 2015 in Milan at the prestigious NHH Hotel’s Hotel from 14 to 19 April 2015 #LazioFactoryDesign LAZIO FACTORY DESIGN AT FUORISALONE 2015 IN TORTON AREA Nature and the environment as a source of inspiration for the territorial excellence of Lazio’s design. The second edition of the Laziio FACTORY DESIGN Latium Group, promoted under the respective promotion and internationalization programs by Unioncamere Lazio and the Lazio Region, in collaboration with Lazio Innova SpA, Chamber of Commerce of Rome, Aspiin, Chamber of Commerce Of Commerce of Frosinone and the sector associations of the sector, presents several territorial excellence of Lazio design that are inspired by environmental eco-sustainability, exhibited with the artistic direction of ADI Lazio to the T35 within the hotel nhow Milan of Via Tortona 35 in Context of the exhibition design title stories. LAZIO FACTORY DESIGN expresses the expertise and creativity of Lazio productions, talked about through creations resulting from the fusion of art, technology, craftsmanship, design and innovation, in an ideal international context to give voice to design, an important engine of economic development at the level regional. In the exhibition area, the companies selected for this edition bring a series of products inspired by the principles of eco-sustainability and respect for the Planet and range from furnishings to furnishing, interior design, lighting, fabrics and accessories.