Piercing Eyes has selected for VITRARIA Glass + A STORE some of the most significant contemporary jewelry artists and designers. Available in the elegant STORE design will be available the sophisticated jewelery made of borosilicate glass and metal by Federica Sala, the innovative “Crateric” porcelain necklaces of Maria Diana, the delicate vision of Paola Mirai, which creates jewelery suspended between the Matter and spirit, sculptural and warm works by Miriam Nori, and finally the ironic, colorful and imaginative gargoyles of Silvia Beccaria. Each creation contains unique experiences, techniques and stories, the result of various aesthetic experiments, and at the same time sinks the roots in the oldest craft tradition. Jewelery is a real sculpture to wear, devoted to those who are fond of stories and materials, to those who love to surround themselves with art and beauty. They are art pieces, precious and sought after objects, with which to establish an intimate and poetic relationship.