Sea Matter Collection Claudia Marotto art gallery gallery for the inauguration of the shop dedicated to art - within RobinDuLac, furniture shop and decorations - has chosen three Italian artists: Maria Diana, Laura Contri and Carmela Liverino, descendants of the latter, Of the famous family specializing in coral processing. The show is called SeaMatter and is dedicated to the jewels that recall form and materials at sea. The scenery is very simple, Rebbeca Weis, a student of the Ecole D’Art, handmade a fish chain, and the large blue-leaf walls that resemble the bottom of the sea. Everything is created to give attention to creations. The three artists work with different materials, but always starting from an inspiration and then making the jewel. It is precisely this that distinguishes artistic jewels from the creation of the jewel tradition, which is made from the shape of the stones that are used. Maria Diana works with gold, pottery and platinum. Her jewels want to recall the shape of anemones, cretes and corals, even in texture. Laura Contri uses only materials derived from the sea: wood, sand, rust and pearls. Carmela Liverino uses the coral in her centennial tradition of family. These artists are proof that in Italy the craftsmanship and creation in the applied arts has not died, it has become niche, more hidden, which makes the discovery of these great artists even more exciting. The PopUp will remain open until June 28.